Herding Acedemy Trainers
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Sarah Cromhout


Sarah-Anne Cromhout studied Nature Conservation at Nelson Mandela University George Campus and is currently completing her MSc in Nature Conservation, researching the effect that high densities Ovis aries (sheep) has on vegetation composition, landscape functioning and soil properties of the Karoo. Sarah has been a trainer and assessor since the Herding Academy was founded.

Gavin Steyn


Gavin Steyn grew up on a sheep farm in the Murraysburg district. He graduated from the SACT Tracker Academy in 2010. Gavin started as a tracker on the reserve and was part of the team that helped track Sylvester, the lion, in 2015. He is currently part of the reserve management team and a professional trainer and life coach at the Herding Academy.

Christopher Maartens


Christopher Maartens originates from Nieu Bethesda. He was also one of the original herders on the reserve since 2015 and attended the Herding Academy trainer programme in 2019. He is also one of very few professional herders and shares his experiences with others.

Ryno Wagenaar


Ryno Wagenaar lives in Graaff Reinet and started working as a sheep herder on the reserve in 2015. He attended the Herding Academy trainer course in 2019, where he was able to apply and share his years of experience. Ryno is one of very few professional herders in South Africa and loves to share his passion.

Johan Bouwer


Johan Bouwer farms in Graaff Reinet and is the founder manager of the Herding Academy. Johan is also a business executive and life skills mentor and has 30 years of experience in regenerative agriculture.

Roland Kroon


Roland Kroon farms in Graaff Reinet, and is part of the founding members of The Herding Academy. Roland brings with him 35 years of agricultural experience in holistic management and regenerative land management. Roland is also an avid business owner and consultant.


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