Application for Admission to Herding Academy


If you meet the requirements below, you may apply for a training bursary from the SA College for Tourism (Herding Academy). Applications will only be accepted in two window periods: March (for June intake) and September (for January intake).


  • Disadvantaged, unmarried men and woman between 21 to 31 years.
  • A genuine interest in wildlife as a lifelong career.
  • Good English literacy – written and spoken.
  • Good numerical understanding (basic calculating skills)
  • Prepared to live away from home for 12 months.
  • See Section A2 below for additional criteria.


  • The training bursary does not cover personal effects and the cost of travel to Herding Academy – totalling approximately R4,000.
    Please note that we receive hundreds of applications per year. We only accept 24 herder candidates in three intakes of 8 students each.
  • Courses start on 15 January and 15 June of each year. The course is one year, full time on campus, with a 12-day mid-year break.
    Candidates may also email their application and supporting documents to Ruth Abercrombie –
  • Foreign students are encouraged to apply via email.
    Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please contact us directly should you need assistance.
  • We reserve the right to remove students who breach the Herding Academy code of conduct.
  • The applicant must digitally sign the application form in the space provided
  • Important: Where the applicant is a MINOR (under the age of 21 years),  parent(s)/guardian must sign the application form where applicable
  • The application for admission form will constitute the official registration and enrolment document upon acceptance of a learner’s application which will be confirmed by a formal letter of acceptance issued by the Herding Academy to the applicant.
  • No correspondence will be entered into with unsuccessful applicants. If an applicant has not received a response from the Herding Academy the application should be regarded as unsuccessful
  • Please ensure that you comply with the minimum admission requirements of the HERDING ACADEMY before submitting your application.


(Please ensure that you have these documents ready before starting the application process)

  • Copy of Senior Certificate (or Matric) equivalent qualification.
  • Current curriculum vitae (CV).
  • Copy of identity document where applicant is a South African national or passport for a foreign national.
  • Copies of academic record/certificates.
  • Health certificate. 
  • Copy of valid driver’s license.
  • SAPS Police clearance certificate.
(Not required for online applications, however must be presented upon enrolment)


  • HERDING ACADEMY must be notified immediately of any change of address/contact details after submission of the application.
  • Please ensure that you provide contactable telephone numbers.
  • Insufficient information / incomplete documentation would lead to a delay in the processing of the application or disqualification of the application.
  • All applicants are expected to report to Herding Academy on a date determined by the Acceptance Letter. Failure to report on the said date will result in forfeiture of admission.
  • Applicants should arrange beforehand for a bank account for personal financial needs.
  • Applicants should also budget for the following:
    • Transport costs to Herding Academy, and return journey.
    • Allowance (pocket money) to cover personal expenses such as toiletries of at least R200.00 per month for the duration of the study period.
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