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The Herding Academy is a holistic learning centre where the ancient skill of herding animals are being applied within a holistic decision-making framework to regenerate the landscape and bridge the socio-economic and cultural barriers that existed between humans and wildlife through-out Southern Africa.

Through the Herding Academy, the lost art of herding animals are once again being brought to life by trained professionals and herders, using livestock to mimic the herd and migration effect of the once ancient wild herds roaming our ecosystems, regenerating rural livelihoods.

The CATHSETA accredited courses provides practical holistic insight to the land owner, the future student employee or on-site practical herding training to rural and communal stock farmers through our three different short courses.

The course outline focusses on teaching both theory and practice to address our ever changing environmental and social challenges. The Herding Academy is centrally based in the Gem of the Karoo in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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