Professional Trainers Course


Course Description

This course is aimed at training communal farmers as well as corporate herders and equips them with intensive land and animal care knowledge as part of their regenerative decision making framework. The mentorship program takes the knowledge home and assists students within their implementation strategies and challenges.

Target Market

Communal farmers, corporate employees, NGO’s project employees.


3 months intensive training followed by on-site mentorship and assessment program.


SACT Cathseta Accredited.

Adopt a Student

Prospective students may apply for “adoption” in their application and the Herding Academy will promote these application to donors.

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Desired Outcome

This course is designed to equip the participants with the knowledge and skills to independently implement the principles of regenerative land management within farms, farming businesses and communities.


Roland Kroon, Sarah-Anne Cromhout, Gavin Steyn, Johan Bouwer, Christopher Maartens, Ryno Wagener.


  • Creation of Holistic Context.
  • Holistic Decision Making and the Feedback loop.
  • 4 Missing Keys.
  • Ecosystem Foundation Blocks.
    • Reading the landscape based on the ecosystem Processes.
    • 2. Understanding landscape from Ecosystem Processes.
    • Monitoring.
  • Soil Food Web.
  • Plant and Animal Physiology and health.
  • Introduction to planned grazing.
    • Biological Planning.
    • Holistic Planned Grazing – in detail.
    • 7 Principles of Grazing Management.
    • Drought Management.
  • Low Stress Stock Handling.
  • Land Planning - Mapping.
  • Practical knowledge of Ruminant Nutrition.
  • Management Tools in Practice
    • Rest – Total / Partial.
    • Animal Impact.
    • Herd Effect.
    • Fire.
    • Technology.
  • Business Management.
    • Business Cash Flow Budgeting.
    • Marketing – The livestock market cycle.
    • Personal Finance.
  • Personal/ Social Growth
    • Communication.
    • Introduction to Personality Profiling.
    • Personal Goal setting.
    • Creation of personal vision for the future.

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